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Thursday, July 18, 2024
Can I request for my documents by fax or email?
Only enrolled Tribal members with enrollment numbers can mail, fax, or email their notarized Letter of Request. For new enrollment or record updates, tribal members will have to mail in their required documents.
Who is my home agency
Home agencies are not connected to place of birth, where you live or age. Home agency are based on the first number in your enrollment number, for example: 299,999 home agency would be Shiprock, because the enrollment number starts with the number 2. Please click here for examples.
Why do I need to notarize my Letter?
Navajo Office of Vital Records and Identification has recognized the concerns of identity theft, impersonating an identity, and false representation. To protect the information of our tribal members, and all faxed, emailed, or mailed request must be notarized. In-person service will required a photo ID.
Why do I need to send in my Original/Actual Birth Certificate?
For new enrollments whether it is in person or Mail in Service the original birth certificate has always been required.
  • Altered birth certificates are considered fraudulent. Damaged or laminated birth certificates are rendered null and void, and cannot be used in the enrollment process.
Who can enroll the Minor Child?
Biological Parent(s) named on the applicants birth certificate or Legal guardian(s) with final court order; each order is unique and needs careful attention to determine who will have access to the minor child(ren) records.
Navajo Blood Requirement
The Navajo Nation requires at least one biological parent to be enrolled with the Navajo Nation, the applicant must meet the minimum 1/4 Navajo Blood requirement. Paternity has to be established on the applicant's birth certificate to be considered for the paternities blood quantum. If only the Mother's name is listed on the applicant's birth certificate, the applicant enrollment will reflect only the mother's Navajo Blood Quantum.
Dual Tribal Affiliation
The Navajo Nation prohibits dual enrollment with another Federal or State recognized Indian Tribe/Band. A Non-enrollment letter must be provided to the Navajo Office of Vital Records with all new enrollment requests. The applicant must provide lineage information to the affiliated tribe.
How long does it take to be enrolled?
All in-person or mail new enrollment request are answered in the order they are received. This process can take anywhere from 6 or more weeks to complete.
Who can request for my Information?
Parents and Legal Guardians of minors (17 years or younger) can request for information, adult Tribal Member (18 years or older) or Spouse, Schools - with current release form, and Healthcare services - with current release form.
Do I have to report my marriage?
Updating your State or Tribal marriage will reflect your married name and record your life changing event. All identification documentation containing your married name (e.g., driver's license, passport, etc.) will match.
Do I have to report my divorce?
Updating your finalized divorce decree will reflect your life changing event. If there is a name change in your decree, your divorce decree will reflect the court order, updating your records will also prevent your EX-Spouse from access to your records.
I have a court order name change, what documents do I need to bring in to update my tribal records?
Bring in the finalized legal name change by court order and revised state birth certificate
Do I have to report the death of a family member?
Yes, life changing events are updated with proper documentation, state death certificates must be provided to update and record the death.
Can I get a copy of a State Marriage License, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Driver's License, Divorce Decree or any other Court Order from NOVRI?
No, NOVRI does not provide copies official documents, please work with the designed department obtain your replacement.
  • State Marriage License can be obtained from the state county clerks office from where your marriage license was obtain
  • State Birth Certificate can be requested from the state in which you were born
  • Death Certificate can be requested from the state which the deceased passed
  • Driver's License can be requested from the Department of Motor Vehicle
  • Divorce Decree or any other Court Orders can be requested from the county which the order was granted
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