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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Marriage Update

The process to update your records to reflect your marriage begins with the following:

  1. Notarized letter of request
  2. Original marriage license (front and back)
  3. Original copy of your birth certificate and DL/ID
  4. Original copy of your spouse birth certificate and DL/ID
  5. All Marriage Updates must be mailed to the respective Home Agency to be processed.

Navajo Office of Vital Records observes the Navajo Nation Privacy and Information Act therefore requires a Notarized Letter of Request (complete with your signature, the signature and stamp of the notary) please include the following information in your letter:

Husband and Wife's Information:

     Full Name
     Date of Birth
     Enrollment #
     Alias (If applicable)
     Previous Spouse's Name (If applicable)
     Mother's Full Name/Maiden
     Father's Full Name
     Current Mailing Address
     Phone Number

NOTE: Plural marriages are prohibited, all previous marriages must be updated with a death certificate or divorce decree.

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