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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Request for Navajo Nation Identification Card

Issued Monday-Thursday:
within the hours of 9:00am-4:00pm

The NNID's are only good for 4 years, every time they expire clients will have to return to our office for renewal.

*Keep in mind, once clients transfer to the NNID cards, they will no longer be able to request extra copies of the Certified Certificate of Navajo Indian Blood (Green CIB paper).*

For additional information about the Navajo Nation Identification Cards, please contact the Navajo Office of Vital Records & Identification-Central Admin Office in Window Rock, Arizona at 928-871-6884 .

To renew an expired Navajo Nation Identification card or to replace the Navajo Nation Identification card please email Your full name, enrollment number, and phone number. Additional information will be provided. 

*If the Navajo Nation Identification Card is lost/stolen or any replacement to the card before the expiration date, it'll be $50.00 money order to replace the card.*

Required  Documentation and payment:

Reason for the Request - include the name of the document you are requesting
State certificate Birth Certificate or Affidavit of Birth (AOB) from NOVRI
Certified Certificate of Navajo Indian Blood (CIB)
Valid ID or Driver's License
$17.00 Money Order, per person (We do not accept cash or credit card)

*PLEASE, keep money orders blank! Our staff will inform the clients on how to fill it out.*

Extra  Documentation:

Marriage license/finalized divorce decrees
Finalized court orders pertaining to Name Change or Date of Birth Change with the Revised Birth certificate

*All documents must be in the original, we will not accept copies. Make sure documents are not torn, taped, or laminated.*

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