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Thursday, July 18, 2024

New Enrollment

Documents needed to begin enrollment:

Notarized Letter- (INCLUDE) Reason for request to enroll into the Navajo Nation, Applicants Full Name, Date of Birth and birth order i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. child.  Mother's Full Name, Date of Birth, NN Enrollment #, Current/Former Spouse's full name, and parent's name.  Father's Full Name, Date of Birth, NN Enrollment #, Current/Former Spouse's full name, and parent's name. Current mailing address and working phone number, a technician will contact you.   

Original Birth Certificate for applicant (this will be returned).
Applicant's mother and father's original birth certificates (this will be returned).
Non enrollment Letter from other tribe (if applicable).
Certified Guardianship or Custody Court Order (if applicable) . 
All new enrollment requests must be sent to the respective Home Agency.  

Criteria Eligibility

The Navajo Nation requires at least one biological parent to be enrolled with the Navajo Nation, the applicant must meet the minimum 1/4 Navajo Blood requirement. Enrolled tribal parent's name must be on applicant's original Birth Certificate.  

Who can enroll the Minor Child

Biological Parent named on the applicant's birth certificate or Legal Guardians (with final court order, each order is unique and needs careful attention to determine who will have access to the minor child(ren) records.)

Dual Tribal Affiliation

The Navajo Nation prohibits dual enrollment with another Indian Tribe, a Non-enrollment letter must be provided to the Navajo Office of Vital Records with all new enrollment requests. The applicant must provide lineage information to the affiliated tribe.

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